Koksilah Music Festival | Performers
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“Chelsea Johnson is truly one of the most talented singers Vancouver has ever been blessed with.”
— vanmusic.ca

Based out of Vancouver B.C., Old.Soul.Rebel is the musical musings of Chelsea D.E. Johnson and Lola Whyte. They offer a raw blend of original soul music and bad ass rock 'n roll. Formed in August of 2015, Old.Soul.Rebel has graced many stages across North America in their short years together. They have been a regular feature on CBC radio, CKUA Radio, Whistler FM, Vancouver Coop Radio and UVic’s CFUV. They have shared stages with renowned talents Iskwe, Aida Victoria, Rae Spoon, Kinnie Starr, No Sinner and Pack A.D. WEBSITE


FRASE is a singer, multi-instrumentalist and producer originally from Montreal and is now residing in Ymir, BC. FRASE's sound is lushly organic and dynamic, blending the classic sounds of Soul, Hip-Hop, Dub-Reggae and Blues with modern dance floor flavours. WEBSITE

Mob Bounce

Mob Bounce is a Hip Hop duo, formed in the later half of 2010 with the release of “Mixed Blood Mixtape.” Before the Mixtape release, Travis Adrian Hebert and Craig Frank Edes had been writing & recording music since 2004. Craig is Gitxsan and Travis is Cree/Metis. They have exceptional experience playing guitar and drums, and have blended their musicianship with elements of Electronic Dance Music and Hip Hop production. They incorporate aspects of a Cultural identity with an Artistic identity by experimenting with free toning (Chanting), and a Cultural sound-scape influenced by sounds of Nature.


The Tzinquaw Dancers bring the sights and sounds of traditional dances from the Cowichan Valley. Formed in the early 1960’s, they present songs & dances which were taught to them by their elders and have been passed down through generations.

Desiree Dawson

Desirée Dawson hails from Vancouver, the unceded, ancestral, and occupied, traditional lands of the Coast Salish peoples. You might know her as the warm hearted artist who won CBC's Searchlight Competition, as well as rocking stages with her ukulele all around the world. Besides her soulful ukulele numbers, Desirée has had chart topping singles in the current dance music scene.  WEBSITE

Buckman Coe

Buckman Coe is an explorer of many genres and over 5 albums has seamlessly blended Americana, Soul, and World into a distinct and authentic sound. He is inspired by artists who deliver messages of social justice, humanity, and love. WEBSITE

Compassion Gorrila

Compassion Gorilla has a relentless drive to translate earthy and folkloric sounds into an explosive performance for the dancefloor. Their unique brew has been the life of the party for almost a decade, both defying categorization and keeping audiences entranced. WEBSITE


c o z y is a songwriter, rapper, producer, and musician who currently operates out of Vancouver, British Columbia. Originally hailing from the small village of Cumberland, c o z y has small town roots that have heavily influenced her art. WEBSITE

Uschi Tala

A self taught multi-instrumentalist and poet, Uschi Tala draws inspiration from the Earth, and the light found within darkness. Wielding a loop pedal, beat machine and various instruments, she creates ambient soundscapes that dance along hauntingly serene vocals and rhythmic rhymes. Uschi’s music has been described as tragically beautiful, ethereal, and pure magic, while her lyrics embody an ocean of healing and encourage others to sea the radiance in themselves as well as the bigger picture. WEBSITE


Juniper music bears enchanting melodies and woven harmonies to get the body moving and give salve to the soul. Natalia Huamali and Fienn River blend guitar, keys, harp and vocals to create a psychedelic folk experience. This blossoming project draws from pagan roots with unique poetics of Craft, Plants and Magic. Occasionally a friend of Juniper weaves in with beats and bass to create a deep but gentle dance vibe.

Marley Daemon

“Pop music reclaimed” ~ Trina McDonald, Beatroute Magazine

Marley Daemon Iredale’s songs are about revolution – psychological, social and environmental. Her songs call us home to ourselves, drawing us back into connection with the natural world and the freedom that is available in every moment. As we experience a planetary shift (in ‘climate’ – both inner and outer), many of us grapple more urgently with questions of human identity, our relationship to nature, and what it means to live an authentic life. Sung with emotional and haunting melodies, Marley’s lyrics offer us insight into the human condition, speaking to the most modern concerns of our personal and planetary predicament while retaining a timeless beauty.


Betty & The Kid

Betty Supple and Aubrey Burke (AKA the kid) combine good ol’ fashioned folk music withtheir own freaky, wild child styles. Working hard at playtime and digging deep down to ex-cavate the subconscious with autoharp, drum-beat, violin, playtime machines and pedals Betty & the Kid bring cheeky, playful and candle kissing reverent kinds of offerings. WEBSITE

Elder Sister Plum

Elder Sister Plum’s tunes go down smooth like a good whiskey. Her swashbuckling folk lullabies and musical ghost stories provide a dreamy landscape that anyone can get lost in. Plum uses subtle acoustic guitar playing and emotionally charged lyrics to pour her heart out and let you wade in the waters of her inner world. WEBSITE

Jessi Junkin

—sang in a Broadway production of Joseph and the Technicolour Dreamcoat as a child

—has reccurring dreams involving Drake

—has recently learned the names of the strings on the guitar

—is honoured to be playing at the Koksilah Music Festival for the 2nd year

Meg G

I’m a nonbinary qpoc multi-instrumental lyricist currently living on unceded coast Salish territories. I make songs because I can’t help it, but more recently I use music to reconnect to oral tradition, to save my soul. And to critique colonialism white supremacy gender binaries class hierarchies and any other countless systems of oppression. And propose whatever solutions I can imagine to the awful side affects of those systems.