Koksilah Music Festival | Huwa’lum lelum (aka KIDZONE)
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Huwa’lum lelum



There will be craft supplies, story books, games, tea & water available for use throughout the event on top of all the rad offerings!



6:30pm: Nature Download with Mariko Ihara




11:00am: Lehal with Stella Johnny
1pm: Bath Bombs with Erin and Amanda Sylvester




10:00am: Ukaloopy Lady with Leila Neverland
12:00pm: Nature Download with Mariko Ihara



…more spontaneous offerings surely will occur, please inquire if you have one!


Nature Dowload with Mariko Ihara

As a teacher, facilitator and artist, my practice is constantly inspired and informed by nature. With direct immersion in wild or semi-wild spaces, this is how I find my centre in an ever-changing, busy world. I enjoy sharing these experiences with others, as it feels like the action of a small stone, making a deep and wide ripple effect.

Lehal with Stella Johnny

A game that offers challenges, gives sense of fun, with singing and drumming! This traditional game offered a way to settle differences all in a good way! Symbolically it is a game of war that uses our voices, tones, body language and allows competition to end in a fun way! Games are played throughout Turtle Island! There could be a team of 2 and upto- 200 on each side! The songs can play the team to a high intense game… to a slow dramatic game! 11 sticks are used…5 on each side with a chance of having an extra… symbolically an army… extra man can be won. Guessing for the marked bone of a set one bones… one marked and other is plain. A game can last from 10 minutes to 24 hours or more! Depends on team and the main guesser!

Bath Bombs with Erin and Amanda Sylvester

Erin will have 2 different recipes for you to try. There will be options for colour and essential oils. She will have step by step instructions. Erin and Amanda will be there to assist.

Ukaloopy Lady with Leila Neverland

Participative music games, dance, and transformation with Leila Neverland, topped up with a hilarious collaborative vocal looping game. For littles.