Koksilah Music Festival | What We’re About
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What We’re About

We are a collective of community organizers, artists, and Elders who aspire to belong to vibrant communities working towards social justice, Indigenous resurgence, reconciliation, decolonization, stewardship of local ecosystems, and community-driven alternatives to the status quo. We believe in the power of music and art with purpose, and in the importance of gathering to celebrate, build our strength and amplify our voices.


The festival is organized in recognition and celebration of the sovereignty of Indigenous Nations who have been resisting colonial exploitation and assimilation on Turtle Island for over 500 years. Our mission is to center and amplify the voices of Indigenous performers, artists, knowledge keepers, Elders, and youth. Programming aims to honour Indigenous peoples’ connection to their territory, cultural identity, language, sovereignty, protocols, and laws.


The festival also seeks to provide an inclusive space that serves as a bridge between different cultures and communities, using art as a way to build understanding and solidarity. With this in mind, we promote cross-cultural and intergenerational knowledge sharing, truth telling about the harms of settler colonialism, celebration of resistance efforts, as well as networking opportunities regarding cultural resurgence and decolonization efforts.