Koksilah Music Festival | 2018 Performers
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Snotty Nose Rez Kids

As the Snotty Nose Rez Kids, we speak back to the stereotypes that present us as untamed, ill-mannered and vulgar savages, reclaiming ourselves as the 7th generation on the rise. We tell our stories to show that we may be a little rough around the edges but that roughness makes our lives interesting. We don’t carry certain privileges afforded through colonialism -fenced in backyards, green grass suburbia- but we are privileged in other ways. We were privileged to be raised by the ocean with a forest in our back yard. We are rich through learning our traditional way of life while being raised on our ancestors’ territory – there is a great deal of wealth in knowing who and where you come from. We were able to learn by doing, to run around the reservation, get stung by devils nettle and not cry over it but wipe our snot on it and keep going.  We learnt about the ocean’s depth and the rivers’ current. We learned how to survive without actually having to only survive. We ran in packs. We were raised by our parents; we were raised by our community. Our culture is strong and continues to shape us into who we are today. We are storytellers, dancers, singers and artists. We are survivors. Our ancestors live through us and as individuals, we have a platform to communicate this with our community. With whatever lens you see us through, we will always be the snot nosed kids from the rez and that’s what makes us beautiful. WEBSITE


“Chelsea Johnson is truly one of the most talented singers Vancouver has ever been blessed with.”
— vanmusic.ca

Based out of Vancouver B.C., Old.Soul.Rebel is the musical musings of Chelsea D.E. Johnson and Lola Whyte. They offer a raw blend of original soul music and bad ass rock 'n roll. Formed in August of 2015, Old.Soul.Rebel has graced many stages across North America in their short years together. They have been a regular feature on CBC radio, CKUA Radio, Whistler FM, Vancouver Coop Radio and UVic’s CFUV. They have shared stages with renowned talents Iskwe, Aida Victoria, Rae Spoon, Kinnie Starr, No Sinner and Pack A.D. WEBSITE

pHoenix Pagliacci & Lex Leosis (of The Sorority)

pHoenix Pagliacci & Lex Leosis are two members of Toronto's all women hip hop group The Sorority. CBC recently said they "bring the spirit of womanhood to life with their music…[they] manage to not only revive the spirit of hip-hop but also bring back femininity and solidarity amongst women in a historically male-dominated arena." Mixing the new with the old, the classic with the progressive, with respect for the greats and blazing their own trail, pHoenix Pagliacci & Lex Leosis will deliver a performance surely not to be missed.

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FRASE is a singer, multi-instrumentalist and producer originally from Montreal and is now residing in Ymir, BC. FRASE's sound is lushly organic and dynamic, blending the classic sounds of Soul, Hip-Hop, Dub-Reggae and Blues with modern dance floor flavours. WEBSITE

Mob Bounce

Mob Bounce is a Hip Hop duo, formed in the later half of 2010 with the release of “Mixed Blood Mixtape.” Before the Mixtape release, Travis Adrian Hebert and Craig Frank Edes had been writing & recording music since 2004. Craig is Gitxsan and Travis is Cree/Metis. They have exceptional experience playing guitar and drums, and have blended their musicianship with elements of Electronic Dance Music and Hip Hop production. They incorporate aspects of a Cultural identity with an Artistic identity by experimenting with free toning (Chanting), and a Cultural sound-scape influenced by sounds of Nature.


The Tzinquaw Dancers are an intergenerational dance troupe, honouring the traditional Quw’utsun dance and songs from the Cowichan Valley. Formed in the early 1960s, they embody and empower cultural identity and the Hul’qumi’num language, through the large and elaborate dances that have been taught to them by their Elders.

Desiree Dawson

Desirée Dawson hails from Vancouver, the unceded, ancestral, and occupied, traditional lands of the Coast Salish peoples. You might know her as the warm hearted artist who won CBC's Searchlight Competition, as well as rocking stages with her ukulele all around the world. Besides her soulful ukulele numbers, Desirée has had chart topping singles in the current dance music scene.  WEBSITE

See Monsters

The See Monsters are an audio-visual duo comprising of DJ/Producer Dean Hunt and Live-Visuals/VJ artist Bracken Hanuse Corlett. They have been performing together across Turtle Island since 2011, as the See Monsters and previously as part of Skookum Sound System. Dean has been DJing and producing music for 15+ years and practices full-time as a contemporary artist working within the Heiltsuk traditions of painting and carving. Bracken hails from the Wuikinuxv and Klahoose Nations and also works in a variety of media including digital design, painting and sculpture. The See Monsters are an Audio-Visual Peace Treaty, cousins from different Nations, aligned to transform spaces into sacred places to dance, to witness, to howl and bounce. WEBSITE

Buckman Coe

Buckman Coe is an explorer of many genres and over 5 albums has seamlessly blended Americana, Soul, and World into a distinct and authentic sound. He is inspired by artists who deliver messages of social justice, humanity, and love. WEBSITE


Developing a unique sound coined as ‘West Coast Soul,’ Victoria band Carmanah are emerging to the top of the indie scene with the release of their debut album Speak in Rhythms. Exploring some of today’s deepest issues through their lyrics, such as the environment and our current political climate, Carmanah created Speak in Rhythms as a catalyst for creating connections, conversations and momentum around these issues. Carmanah have performed nationwide in support of acts such as Ziggy Marley, Spirit of the West, Said the Whale, Wake Owl, Clinton Fearon and Current Swell. They've also graced the stages of the country's most celebrate festivals including Rifflandia, Winnipeg Folk Festival, Tall Tree Music Festival, Otalith Music Festival, Sunshine Coast Music Festival, and Ska Fest. Off the stage, the themes of Speak in Rhythms are a part of everyday life for the band. Passionate about our environment and reducing their footprint on the planet, they are dedicated participants in The Jellyfish Project – traveling to schools across the country to bring music and environmental education to youth. WEBSITE

Mama's Broke

Multi-instrumentalists Amy Lou and Lisa Maria are masterful songwriters who sing their lyrics as incantations—twin prophets who bend our ear effortlessly and beckon us ever forward.”

— Kaia Kater

Mama’s Broke is a unique and powerful folk duo that both honours and defies tradition with their original compositions. Two strong voices blend to create haunting harmonies, while they artfully juggle fiddle, banjo, guitar and mandolin, and incorporate traditional dance and foot percussion as part of their performance.

Compassion Gorilla

Compassion Gorilla has a relentless drive to translate earthy and folkloric sounds into an explosive performance for the dancefloor. Their unique brew has been the life of the party for almost a decade, both defying categorization and keeping audiences entranced. WEBSITE

Ghostly Hounds

Ghostly Hounds combines strings, horns and powerful vocals to create a dark, jazzy sound. The project features the songs of vocalist and banjo player Francesca Daoust accompanied by Matthew Dorfman on double bass and Suzanne Stirling on trumpet and mandolin and Vimul Him on cello and saw. Currently based out of Montréal and often on the road, the band's members hail from British Columbia, Ontario, Québec, and Massachusetts. WEBSITE


Jozy is a thoughtful young lyricist and performer, she has a love for language and it shows. Within her upbeat songs she comments on societies unrealistic expectations for girls growing up in our world. Jozy speaks bluntly about her real experiences, through the venue of hype beats and wordplay. Jozy performs within genres that were not founded within her culture, and she tries to honour and give credit to the African-American roots of hiphop/rap/R+B as respectfully as someone from a different culture can. She either performs with a full band, solo, or with a DJ depending on the context. Known for witty lyrics and celebrating femininity, Jozy hopes to share empowering songs that make people dance and smile, while providing a glimpse into her perspective. WEBSITE

Uschi Tala

A self taught multi-instrumentalist and poet, Uschi Tala draws inspiration from the Earth, and the light found within darkness. Wielding a loop pedal, beat machine and various instruments, she creates ambient soundscapes that dance along hauntingly serene vocals and rhythmic rhymes. Uschi’s music has been described as tragically beautiful, ethereal, and pure magic, while her lyrics embody an ocean of healing and encourage others to sea the radiance in themselves as well as the bigger picture. WEBSITE

Kwiigay iiwaans

Kwiigay iiwaans is a mixed race performing artist from the Haida and Sḵwxú7mesh Nations. Their performance mixes traditional songs with contemporary/pop, and their original work.

Emily Millard

Emily Millard crafts a unique blend of art-folk that has been called “inventive”, “haunting” and “beautifully ethereal.” Her creative work, released previously under the moniker Miss Emily Brown, and with band Morlove, has taken her across Europe and Canada, and garnered nominations for a CFMA for Pushing the Boundaries, CBC Bucky Award for Best New Artist, VIMA for Song of the Year, and most recently Best Live Show by Germany’s Kulturnews. WEBSITE


Juniper music bears enchanting melodies and woven harmonies to get the body moving and give salve to the soul. Natalia Huamali and Fienn River blend guitar, keys, harp and vocals to create a psychedelic folk experience. This blossoming project draws from pagan roots with unique poetics of Craft, Plants and Magic. Occasionally a friend of Juniper weaves in with beats and bass to create a deep but gentle dance vibe.

Valeen Jules

Valeen is a sacred monster from the Nuu-chah-nulth & Kwakwaka’wakw nations. She spends most of her time admiring art and running her business that supports creative youth employment & empowerment as well as frontline communities.

Genevieve and The Wild Sundays

Soaring harmonies, catchy original songs, foot-stomping fiddling: Genevieve and the Wild Sundays is an all-female quintet that feature the award-winning songs of Vancouver-Island homesteading, guitar playing mama Genevieve Charbonneau. With songs that run from insightful love ballads to rollicking political hootenannies, the music of the Wild Sundays is rooted in old-time country, incorporating Eastern European folk, Americana, and indi-pop. WEBSITE

Marley Daemon

“Pop music reclaimed” ~ Trina McDonald, Beatroute Magazine

Marley Daemon Iredale’s songs are about revolution – psychological, social and environmental. Her songs call us home to ourselves, drawing us back into connection with the natural world and the freedom that is available in every moment. As we experience a planetary shift (in ‘climate’ – both inner and outer), many of us grapple more urgently with questions of human identity, our relationship to nature, and what it means to live an authentic life. Sung with emotional and haunting melodies, Marley’s lyrics offer us insight into the human condition, speaking to the most modern concerns of our personal and planetary predicament while retaining a timeless beauty.


Cheko and the Lion Rockers

Cheko and the Lion Rockers are a full reggae band with a strong message of love, consciousness and a sweet roots vibe! Based in the Cowichan Valley, the band has been playing together since 2012. The Lion Rockers have a strong Latin reggae influence complimented by Cheko’s vocals and arrangements. Hailing from Mexico, Cheko is an accomplished international musician, having played with numerous bands from the Americas and Europe. Backing him are the Lion Rockers: Mika Huhtanen on drums, Jedi on Nyabinghi drum, Morgan Mason on bass, Iwah, longstanding reggae artist on lead guitar, and Brian Horwitz on percussion.

Betty & The Kid

Betty Supple and Aubrey Burke (AKA the kid) combine good ol’ fashioned folk music withtheir own freaky, wild child styles. Working hard at playtime and digging deep down to ex-cavate the subconscious with autoharp, drum-beat, violin, playtime machines and pedals Betty & the Kid bring cheeky, playful and candle kissing reverent kinds of offerings. WEBSITE

Elder Sister Plum

Elder Sister Plum’s tunes go down smooth like a good whiskey. Her swashbuckling folk lullabies and musical ghost stories provide a dreamy landscape that anyone can get lost in. Plum uses subtle guitar playing and emotionally charged lyrics to pour her heart out and let you wade in the waters of her inner world. WEBSITE


Looping can be a very delicate art. Making sure not to over complicate arrangements or overuse melodies, much can be created. Fanfare is a project that is based around looping and its combination with the violin and the voice. Using various pedals to enhance the range of the strings, as well as the use of beatbox and percussive accents, a full sound is created live and on the spot. WEBSITE

Jaz Scuff

Jaz is an anti-professional, working as a street musician, slam poet and visual artist with a focus on decolonization and indigenous autonomy. They are a defender of the sacred and use their craft as a tool to decolonize and promote land sovereignty. They and their fire are from the Secwepemc Nation of South Central BC.

Of Mountain Men

A stripped-down, two-voices-and-two-guitars approach, Of Mountain Men is a Vancouver Island based duo rooted in folktales, storytelling and authentic lyrical understandings. Mar Kalbfleisch and Wailin Billy Tea uniquely weave guitar and vocals to bear enchanting, ambient, harmonized tales from their experiences. WEBSITE

Jessi Junkin

—sang in a Broadway production of Joseph and the Technicolour Dreamcoat as a child

—has reccurring dreams involving Drake

—has recently learned the names of the strings on the guitar

—is honoured to be playing at the Koksilah Music Festival for the 2nd year


I’m a nonbinary qpoc multi-instrumental lyricist currently living on unceded coast Salish territories. I make songs because I can’t help it, but more recently I use music to reconnect to oral tradition, to save my soul. And to critique colonialism white supremacy gender binaries class hierarchies and any other countless systems of oppression. And propose whatever solutions I can imagine to the awful side affects of those systems.

Rama DelaRosa

Activist, Educator, Visionary and Choir Director Rama DeLaRosa founded The Sisters of Mercy radical women’s choir in November of 2016. Since then the choir has lended their voices to support social change including the 2017 Walk for the Salish Sea, International Women’s Day 2017-18, and the Sound Relations initiative. They have also brought song to Equinox and Solstice gathering for the community and put on fundraiser concerts to support Pull Together and Xwaaq’um Youth Project.
The Sisters of Mercy aim to inspire the kind of care that is needed in the world right now and to serving to empower local community through song to effect global change through our tri-fold focus of:
*Community Building

*COMMUNITY BUILDING – Sisters of Mercy aspire to provide sacred song for ritual, rites of passage and ceremony in the community such as rights of birth, coming of age, croning, death, honouring the seasons as well as community outreach.

*DECOLONIZATION – Sisters of Mercy are dedicated to the work of healing, learning and culturally integrating as settlers on Coast Salish Territory. Using music as a bridge to greater understanding and peace by lending our voice to elevate and honour Coast Salish Peoples, Lands and Waters.

*ACTIVISM – Sisters of Mercy focus on Activism is to empower women’s voices through singing and bring that unified force to support Social Justice and Environmental causes on Salt Spring Island and our surrounding community..

New Members may inquire by email at sistersofmercychoir@gmail.com

A new all-gender choir is in the works for the Victoria area which will focus on music for the frontlines. Set to begin mid to late September.

Jules Fisher

New to the Cowichan Valley and part of the Koksilah festival family, Jules will be spinning a mix of hip hop, house and electronic music with the one goal of having the crowd dance like it’s the end of the world.